Filming a dance work - PAT.pdf

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Filming a dance work - PART.pdf

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The following article is a summary of the activities of the workshop conducted by Colin Schumacher for District Creative Arts Consultants in February. The workshop focused on the pre-production (script, visualization, planning, negotiation, storyboard, blocking, programming, casting, design, crew) and production (rehearsal, shooting) phases of video creation. Teachers can use the following sequence of activities with students to build skills and understanding in viewing, planning, and storyboarding video narratives. These workshop activities are intended for small groups. Pre-production: planning 1. Select an indication (who, where, when and which categories) from a given list. Example: Who: surfer, pianist, mechanic, actor, politician, student Where: beach, temple, pub, kitchen, shopping center When: evening, dawn, midnight, noon What: walking, rehearsing, gardening, cooking, debating. Note: For the purposes of this article, examples are: Who: surfing Where: beach When: evening What: walking 2. Discuss the types of images, movement, music, symbols.

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