Technical Sagar Hackstars Hacking Course Part-1 Free Download - Learn Ethical Hacking

In this post, I am going to share a detailed review of his hacking course. Also, I will share the download link below to download Hackstars Hacking Course. However, I recommend buying a Marine Hacking Technology course on their website or their Instamojo store page.

Include in this course:

Quick hacking course

Tech Master Hacking Course

Excluded habits

Money making course

Hackster hacking course

Hacksters Course Content:

Whenever we want to buy a course, what is the first thing we are interested in?

Course content that we are going to buy. So, today I am going to share with you the content of Technical Sea Hacking Course.


  • Telegram - Hacker or criminal
  • WiFi broadcast
  • Hack framework
  • Old WordPress hack
  • What can be hacked?
  • Shell in piracy
  • Cloud computing in hacking
  • Contact me at ME.txt
  • Cover.jpg
  • Terms.txt

Also, be sure to read this article about Hacksters Hacking Course Part-1 of Technical Sea Free Download 2019 for Technical Sea Hacking Course till the end.

Detailed overview of the hackster course:

Therefore, after reading this section you may feel excited or even a little sad. Also, if you are going to buy Hackstars Hacking Course from Technical Sea. Reading this section of the article is essential for you.

1. Introduction

Like other courses, Technical Sea explains what this course is about. In addition, it is clear that this course is not for those who want to hack Facebook accounts and others.

He revealed that this is the third part of the hacking course series. Quick Hack Hacking Course and Tech Master Hacking Course were released earlier.

2. Telegram - Hacker or criminal

This section is based entirely on illegal work (as he himself has said) which is done through the Telegram application. This section focuses on not doing and not doing illegal things through this application.

The illegal thing mentioned is a mystery. Buy their course and check it out. Sagar's technical hacking course is also available for free download at the end.

3. WiFi jammer

This section is based on WiFi intervention. In this course you will find an explanatory video with a practical video. Also, you will find a WiFi jammer-master folder that contains the WiFi blocking script used by it.

4. Hacking frame

In this section, you will be introduced to the Katana Framework. This section contains a practical and explanatory video. Also, you will find the Katana Framework.

5. Old WordPress Hack

This section contains 2 videos and an exploit named wp-exploit This section will take care of teaching you how to keep your WordPress websites secure.

6. What can be hacked

I didn't even understand this section, so I skipped it.

7. Shell in piracy

This section teaches what a shell is. How can we use a shell. Also, you'll get a hands-on video (just for fun). But the shell that is used is not attached.

8. Cloud computing in piracy

You will find an explanatory video with a .ppt file. It will discuss cloud computing. For example, what is cloud computing and how it can be hacked.

I don't think there is a need to explain the rest of the files that have been attacked.

My Comments on Sea Hackster Technical Hacking Course:

It is very expensive in terms of the knowledge that the Hackstars Hacking course is imparting. This course is like the shit anyone did for a living.

There is not enough material in this technical sea hacking course. Even beginners will know what all these things are. Also, people will not buy anyone's course to ask for their opinion on an app.

Last word: I would recommend not buying this course. If in the future another technical sea course is published and worth buying, I will definitely post it for you.

So, I have shared this hacksters part 1 hacking course for free download from Technical Sea. You can download the course from below.

[Download Link]

Password :


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